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Reservation confirmation

Box D19 - 2m x 2.1m x 3m





Floor: ground floor

Start date: 21/09/2020

Cobalt Box {city}

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Thank you for reserving a storage unit at Cobalt Box! You will shortly receive an e-mail with confirmation of reservation and additional information.

Need packing materials?


Moving boxes


Tape roll


Bubble wrap


Tape gun

Cobalt Box offers packing materials such as moving boxes, tape rolls, bubble wrap and tape guns in all its locations.  This way you have everything you need to be sure that your goods are stored safely and correctly. Get off to a flying start and reserve all your packing materials online now. We make sure that everything is ready when you arrive. This way you can immediately start saving safely!

Storage tips for a successful storage space


It all starts with packing

Provide sturdy boxes that you can stack in your storage space. They save you valuable space. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to protect fragile goods when moving and storing. Use special clothing boxes for safe storage of your clothes. Do not forget to label the boxes so you always know what is inside and seal them tightly with an adhesive tape roll.


Think about the layout of your storage

It certainly pays to think about the layout of your storage space, so you can save valuable space by drawing up a schedule of what you will store where. When you start storing, put the sturdy boxes and heavy things at the bottom for a good basis. Stack as much as possible to the ceiling to use all the space. Do not forget to leave a good passage so that you can always access all your belongings. It is therefore best to place frequently used items in the front of the storage space. Now labeling the boxes will certainly come in handy to quickly find the right stuff.


Provide proper transportation

Make it easy on yourself and arrange appropriate transportation. In this way, you can ensure that storage runs smoothly and that you minimize the risk of damage to boxes or furniture. Also put your heavy stuff at the bottom here and secure everything well for transport.

Now you are fully prepared you can start saving. The Cobalt Box team wishes you a successful storage!

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