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How do I determine my storage space?

Write down exactly what you want to save and estimate the volume of your storage space by looking at our examples. With each storage space you can see how much you can store.

What types of storage units are there?

Cobalt Box has storage units that vary from a locker with 1 m³ of storage space to storage units with 90 m³. You can view an overview of the available storage units per location on our branch pages of Deurne, Mortsel and Brasschaat.

How tall are the storage units?

Our storage rooms are 2.7 m or 3 meters high (excluding Lockers). Do you want to be sure that your storage goods fit in our storage unit? Contact us on +32 3 430 40 41 and we will be happy to help you further.

How quickly do I have access to my storage unit?

As soon as you sign the contract, you have immediate access to your storage unit. You will receive a secret code for access to the storage areas and you can immediately start storing. Make sure you provide a lock to secure your storage space, this can be purchased locally in our branches.

When do I have access to my storage unit?

You have 24/7 access to your storage unit. Use your personal code to gain access to the storage areas.

I have lost my key or forgot my personal access code ... what now?

As soon as you notice that your key has been lost or you have forgotten your personal access code, you should contact a Cobalt Box employee as soon as possible. During the opening hours of our offices you can also come directly to the office of our branch. Don't forget your identity card! Drilling out a lock will cost you 50 euros. A new lock will cost you 12 euros.

Are there tools available to help me with my storage?

You can purchase storage boxes and packing tape at our on-site locations to neatly stack your storage goods in your storage space. In addition, you can also use our wheelchairs for free to drive boxes and goods comfortably to your storage unit.


Are my storage goods safe?

All Cobalt Box locations require an access code to gain access to the site and have camera surveillance and fire surveillance. The storage areas are heated and moisture-free, each has a personal lock. In addition, it is also necessary to insure your storage space, you can arrange an inssurance quickly and easily at your local Cobalt Box site when signing your contract.

Is my access code unique?

The access code is completely unique for every person so that only Cobalt Box customers have access to the site.

Is there camera surveillance?

There is 24/7 camera surveillance in all our Cobalt Box locations.

Can Cobalt Box itself in my storage space?

No. The storage spaces are strictly private and only you have access with your personal key and your own key and lock.


What do I need to rent a storage unit?

To rent a storage space at Cobalt Box, we need a valid identity card and you must sign the rental contract. You will immediately receive a personal code and access to your storage unit.

Is there a minimum rental period?

There is a minimum rental period of 1 month. If you rent at least 3 months, you will even get the first month rent for € 1!

Do I have to have insurance for my storage space?

Yes, insurance is mandatory for the rental of a storage unit. You can easily arrange this at Cobalt Box when signing your contract. Already arranged an insurance for your storage unit? Then presenting proof of this insurance is also sufficient.