Storage tips for a successful storage unit

Below you can find useful tips and advice to use your storage space as well as possible with the utmost care for your goods.


It all starts with packing

Provide sturdy boxes that you can stack in your storage space. They save you valuable space. Use newsprint or use bubble wrap to protect fragile goods when moving and storing. Use special clothing boxes for safe storage of your clothes. Do not forget to label the boxes so that you always know what is in them and seal them firmly with an adhesive tape roll.


Think carefully about your storage layout

It certainly pays to think about the layout of your storage space, so you can save valuable space by drawing up a schedule with what you will store where. When you start saving you put the sturdy boxes and heavy things at the bottom for a good base. Stack as much as possible to the ceiling to use all the space. Do not forget to leave a good passage so that you can always keep all your stuff. Frequently used stuff is best placed in front of the storage space. Now the labeling of the boxes certainly comes in handy to quickly find the right stuff.


Provide adequate transportation

Make it easy for yourself and take care of proper transportation. This is the way to get the storage run as easy as possible. Put your heavy items here and everything for transport.

Now you are fully prepared you can start saving. The Cobalt Box team wishes you a successful storage!

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