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Rent a storage unit privately

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Rent private storage space in Antwerp at Cobalt Box Self-Storage. For the first month you only pay € 1 if you rent a storage space for at least 3 months. Rent your storage space at Cobalt Box Self-Storage, so you can make room to live again in your home, student house or garage.

Particulier opslagruimte huren

Rent a private storage unit

Renting storage space for a move

Do you have a move at the door and you don't know where to stay with all your things? Or are you just that little bit short of space and don't want to throw anything away? Then a storage space is the ideal solution!

Temporary storage for a renovation

There is a lot to consider when renovating a home. The last thing you want is damage or extreme pollution and dust on all your precious furniture. Store your belongings safely during the works. This way you can focus on what needs to be done with confidence. After the renovation, your household effects can shine again in your fresh home.

Temporary storage after death

During this difficult period you can use all the reassurance and support. Cobalt Box can help you keep your belongings safe until you can read them in peace. With our flexible rental formulas we can offer a suitable solution for a tailor-made storage space.

Storage during a world trip

Are you planning an ambitious trip abroad for a longer period of time? Or are you going to work abroad for your work? An apartment or house that is empty with only your contents entails a high cost. Provide a storage space of Cobalt Box to store all your belongings safely, dry and heated. This way you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Create more space

Do you need that extra bit of space? Then Cobalt Box can help you with storage spaces in different sizes. Simply choose the storage that best meets your needs, fill in the reservation form and we will make sure everything is ready upon your arrival.

Prefer looking for a business solution?

Check out our storage business benefits.

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Our tips for successful storage

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