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The usefulness of an insurance for your storage unit

You need insurance to be able to store your goods in a storage facility, and that gives you numerous advantages!

Whether you need to temporarily store things to make room for a children's room or just want to start a long trip around the world, a storage room offers help!

But what if...?

That is why there is the insurance of your storage space. Insurance is mandatory for taking out a storage unit and that gives you that little bit of extra peace of mind. Our insurance policies cover you up to a value of up to €10,000 for a fixed price per month. This way you can be 100% sure that your goods are well protected.

You can easily take out insurance when signing your rental contract, we will take care of the rest!

Cobalt Box Insurance

  • € 5 per month, our basic insurance up to a value of € 2,500

  • € 10 per month, insured up to a value of € 5,000

  • € 15 per month, insured up to a value of € 10,000

Why do I need insurance for a storage unit?

Purchasing storage space insurance is important if you want to protect your belongings against damage, theft or other unexpected problems that may occur. Our insurance policies provide total coverage of your goods according to the chosen maximum contents value.

Cobalt Box Self-Storage has 5 branches in Antwerp

You can rent different types of storage space at Cobalt Box with a flexible rental contract. If you rent for at least 3 months, you even get the first month at 1 euro! Book your storage space online now at Cobalt Box and start storage on the same day!



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