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Why rent a business storage

Renting a storage unit as a company helps to create space again and offers help in the high seasons.

Store your goods or temporary stock in a storage area. A temporary overstock can lead to a lack of space. Our storage units are available in various sizes and can grow with your company, even if the storage is only temporary.

Buffer for peak season. Some sectors are very seasonal, which can lead to temporary overstock and lack of space. Therefore, store your goods or stock in a storage space. Our storage units are available in different sizes and can grow with your company. In peak periods you can easily rent a larger storage space or rent an extra space, fully tailored to your company.

Storage for a webshop. Running a webshop can take up a lot of space. Especially if you manage your webshop from home. Therefore, store your stock in a storage room. Our storage areas are secured, moisture-free and always accessible. This way you can grow your business until you are big enough to move to your own location.

Tool storage. You can only deliver quality with quality tools. But what do you keep with it? Your tools are essential for the smooth running of your business, but can sometimes be quite difficult to store. A storage space can offer a solution here.

Storing your archive can take up a lot of space. Especially because as a company you are required by law to keep this up to date for several years. This can take up quite a bit of space. Therefore, store your archive in a storage space. Our spaces are secured, moisture-free and always accessible.

Create more space! It's that simple, more space in your store gives more space for your customers. Save what takes up too much space and enjoy your decor and space again!

Advantages of renting a storage space at Cobalt Box:

  • You can easily reserve a storage unit in Antwerp online. This way you only have to sign the contract upon arrival and you can start saving right away!

  • Your goods are in safe hands: storing your goods in a Cobalt Box self-storage means enjoying secure access control with camera surveillance and fire surveillance. That is a lot safer than the average garage!

  • 24/7 access to your goods: Our self-storage areas are accessible 24/7 so that you always have access to your belongings.

  • Rent as long as you want! Are you renting for more than 3 months? Then you get the first month for only € 1!

  • Resize your self-storage when needed. Are you just not getting enough with your current storage space? Then upgrade quickly and easily to a larger unit.

  • Coffee corner with coffee, tea and water for our customers. First drink a good cup, and then go for it!

  • Moving trolleys and packing materials available on site. Fast and safe storage is best done with our packing materials. If you reserve your moving boxes and adhesive roll in advance, we will even have them ready in your storage space! You can reserve packing materials here »

Cobalt Box Self-Storage has 5 branches in Antwerp

You can rent different types of storage space at Cobalt Box with a flexible rental contract. If you rent for at least 3 months, you even get the first month at 1 euro! Book your storage space online now at Cobalt Box and start storage on the same day!



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